Thursday, September 16, 2010

World Famous Guacamole!

My wife came home and said, "We're going to Gabriel's!" Gabriel's, about 17 miles from house, is in Cuyamungue . We ate outside on the patio and had guacamole (made at the table), enchiladas, and tacos. Hmmm! Hmm! Good! :-)

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  1. All the locals in Jacksonville Fl RAVE about Cantina Loredo (St. johns town center) - "they make your quacamole at the table!!" So ofcourse, with my personal quest to find something that tastes like home... I dined at Cantina Loredo. This place was PACKED, has to be good! The table side quacamole was a depressing experience! White women with everything pre made, slowly folds it with a table fork. I now am the spoke person in Jacksonville FL "you dont know how quacamole is made! - Travel to Gabriels in New Mexico!