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Barranca Mesa with Jemez beyond.
Note: As of January 2013, this blog is on pause. I continue to accept submissions, and I hope to restart in the future, but there are no guarantees. Thanks!

Thanks in advance for your photos! This blog only happens with the help of people like you.

This page explains how to submit photos for publication on this blog; see the About page for what kind of stuff we publish.

How to submit

Simply fill out the form below! Please first peruse the rest of this page, to make sure you’re happy with what you’re getting into.

A few things to consider:
  • Submit as many times as you like (perhaps keeping it to 2-3 per week so I’m not overloaded).
  • I am not picky on technical quality if the content is interesting; if it’s a reasonable snapshot, it’s good enough. Experienced photographers do not have a monopoly on Los Alamos’ story!
  • Cross-posting is fine. If you’re also publishing the photo on your own blog (or wherever), include the URL in the caption field and I’ll put a link in the post.
Please don’t submit photos you find on the Internet; submit only ones you took yourself or that you have permission to submit. If you do find an Internet photo that you think would be a good submission, please contact the photographer to ask permission or suggest he or she submit it him- or herself.

Note that I don’t notify people individually when their photos go live. I try to schedule photos anywhere from a few days to several weeks in advance, so if your photo doesn’t appear immediately, that doesn’t mean it will never appear.

What happens to your photos

Above Walnut Canyon near the golf course.
By submitting your photo, you are giving me permission to publish it here on the blog or in other media (for example, I might write a book collecting together photos from this blog). I will give you credit as you direct at the time of submission. You keep copyright on the photo, and in particular, you can publish it elsewhere too if you like.

You can revoke this permission by e-mailing me. If you revoke permission, I’ll remove the relevant blog post and not use the photo in future publications. However, I can’t always un-publish it; for example, if it’s been published in a book, I’ll only remove the photo from future printings.

If I make any money from this endeavor, I’ll give a significant fraction of my profits back to the Los Alamos community (for example, by donating to a local charity). I won’t pass on royalties to individual contributors since the administrative overhead for doing that would be prohibitive.

You are responsible for making sure you that you are able to grant me the above permissions.

Finally, this page changes from time to time without notice, though my hope is that the spirit of it does not change. Please do review it each time you submit a photo.

Questions & comments

Please send me e-mail at!