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Welcome to Los Alamos Daily Photo! This blog is a collaborative photo diary of Los Alamos County and related people, places, things, events, and whatever else.

What you’ll find here

We publish photos submitted by readers and related to Los Alamos in some way. “Related” could mean: made in Los Alamos County or nearby places such as Bandelier; made by citizens of Los Alamos County visiting interesting places; showing Los Alamos related objects, places, and events throughout the world; or some other connection I haven’t thought of.

We try to publish a photo every day, though sometimes events conspire to make this impossible, and if things are exciting enough, we publish more than once per day.

If you have a photo that you would like to share, please see our submission instructions. It’s easy!

While this blog is intended for a general audience, I don’t guarantee that any content is suitable for your children or your workplace.

What you won’t find here

This blog is apolitical. While it is not difficult to learn my political leanings by looking elsewhere on the web, and photos of local government and political events are extremely welcome, this blog has no and expresses no political positions.

This blog is not a news reporting service. It is sometimes timely, but it is also sometimes not timely, and we do not intend to compete with the Monitor or the Post.

Who owns the photos

All photos are copyrighted by their owners, and all rights are reserved. In particular, that means copying them or using them in other media is not allowed without permission. If you’d like to use a photo for something, I am more than happy to put you in touch with the photographer. Don’t hesitate to send me e-mail.

Who runs this blog

My wife and me.
Since February 2012, Los Alamos Daily Photo has been edited by Reid Priedhorsky.

Reid grew up in Los Alamos, graduating from LAHS in 1997. He then went to Minnesota for college and graduate school before returning to Los Alamos in November 2011 to become a researcher at LANL. He studies social computing systems and how they can be used to answer quantitative questions about the real world.

LADP was founded by Larry Jeffryes in September 2010. Larry taught science in the Los Alamos Public Schools for 30 years and currently works in radiation protection training at LANL. He was inspired by Sequim Daily Photo.

(In case it’s not abundantly obvious already, I speak for myself here, not LANL.)

Questions & comments

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at losalamosdailyphoto@gmail.com!