Monday, December 20, 2010

Mesa Public Library

Time is this month's theme on City Daily Blog this month. Make sure your return your books on time.
Los Alamos County Mesa Public Library. At the time when built, design was a bit controversial. Click here to see the back of the building. Why such a large library? Maybe that some rank Los Alamos as having the highest rank in PhDs per capita in the U.S. (Most don't refer to themselves at Dr. and few in the community use the term when addressing each other.)


  1. Wow, that is huge. It looks like a police station or courthouse to me. I think I'd feel intimidated going into that place. They keep talking about making ours bigger, but I love how quaint and cozy it is.
    I just looked it up and it says that is 48,000 sf and ours is 6,000. Quite a difference!

  2. I like it, the bigger the better to lose yourself I say.