Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Burn Scars Above Los Alamos

Black burn scars from the July Las Conchas Fire on the side of the Jemez Mountains just outside Los Alamos. (Those are not shadows)


  1. Ironically this reminds me of the patchy look of a landscape after clear-cutting. How frightening to have a wildlands fire come so close to hearth and home!

  2. Cerro Grande was so much closer--IN town--therefore much more frightening IMO. Both fires were, at the time of each, the state record for acres burned. Not an enviable "honor." Unfortunately, both records have been far exceeded by fires elsewhere in the state.

    Nature sometimes has to be harsh to teach her lessons. After all, humans set up the conditions for these disasters by supressing fires for the better part of the 20th century. We have now learned that fires are necessary to the health of forests.

    I just wish I could see a healthy, green pine forest when I look up at the mountains around town. It saddens me to know that the forests won't regrow during my lifetime.