Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Bye Photo Blog! ~ For Now!

This is my last posting to Los Alamos Daily Photo.  Hope you enjoyed the photos. 
I'll keep this site "alive" in case I change my mind ...

If you are interested in taking over Los Alamos Daily Photos, 
let me know
look me up in the Los Alamos phone book and give me a call.

Thanks! - LJ


  1. Bummer! I will miss them. But I understand, I am about there myself! Only so many pictures you can take, before it becomes a chore!

  2. Awww, so sorry to see you call it quits, Larry! I hope it's because you're spending lots of time in Sequim! I'll miss my Los Alamos desert fix. Thanks for all the effort you've put into keeping this site alive and best of luck to you. I hope I'll see you around town in Sequim!

  3. Larry, I've really enjoyed your photos and the time you've put into showing us all your area. I understand how it gets to the point of needing to move on though. I'll miss your photos!

  4. Too bad you're stopping 'cuz NM needs more blogs on CDP! Enjoy your freedom from a daily post, but do come back. Are you going to Sequim?

  5. Yes - we are moving to Sequim and have bought a home there. We need to work a bit more and fix up our Los Alamos home for sale.

    But that is not the main reason for stopping or at least putting on hold Los Alamos Daily Photo. Between work load at work and having posted almost 500 pictures.....I needed to back off.

    Hopefully, somebody will want to take over the daily photo task as northern NM and Los Alamos is a very special place.