Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Construction season at LADP

Reid here. I’m very excited to be taking over the editorship of LADP and feel honored that Larry is willing to entrust me with the future of the project. The key new direction I have in mind is to expand LADP’s photographer pool, drawing most or all content from community submissions rather than my own work. I’ll be posting more details on my plans later, as they converge.

But first, I’d love to get a feel for the current readership and listen to any suggestions you might have. Who are you? Why do you come here? What do you think the future of LADP should be like? Please write a comment on this post, or you can e-mail me directly at

In terms of my own context, I was born and raised in Los Alamos and graduated from LAHS in 1997. I left for Minnesota and earned my B.A. and Ph.D. there before returning to Los Alamos last November. I study how social computing systems can help us make quantitative sense of the real world, and I hope to build a career here and remain indefinitely. I am married and have one child on the way.


  1. I started reading this blog after the Las Conchas Fire this summer -- I think Larry must have shared the link on the Friends of LA page. I lived in Los Alamos as a teen but have since moved away and have settled in Colorado. I have family in Los Alamos, though, and I've enjoyed going back for a "virtual visit" to my hometown through this blog.

  2. I've been reading off and on for a while... I hail from Seattle, am a free-lance photographer part-time and a school bus driver. Good luck on your new venture...

  3. Welcome, Reid! Good luck with the LA Daily Photo! I've learned about this site through Larry's passion for Sequim. I took over the Sequim Daily Photo last August. I like photography and like to look at other people's images, love the outdoors, love the desert.