Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Mexico Legislature

New Mexico Legislature is now finished for the year and the bills are on Governor Martinez's desk. This is the NM House of Representatives. The Senate chamber looks similar but does not allow pictures.


  1. I've been in those chambers when their congress is not in session and have been amazed at the ease of entrance with little or no security. Not like many other states. I love the Roundhouse art galleries. The best-kept NM secret. Have posted many of the pieces on my Santa Fe blog in the past.

  2. Kate: While in session, at least, they had plain closed and uniformed security in the gallery and on the floor of both the House and Senate. Lots of them.

  3. Nice shot! I would go downtown and take of pic of the Florida legislature in session, but I don't agree with much of anything they are doing right now, so it's best I keep my distance :)