Friday, April 1, 2011

Proof of Global Warming From Los Alamos.

Sudden climate shift caused changes to Ashley Pond due to rapid global warming according to LANL scientists. Yes, this is Ashley Pond in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Amazing!! Check out the before picture taken in Jan of this year. Obviously this was NOT good news for for the pond ducks and geese. Los Alamos County Officials and LANL scientists had to scramble to construct barriers to protect the shocked citizens of Los Alamos. One local land owner built these viewing platforms which will be free to the public every 6th Tuesday of the month but you must sign a waiver and promise not to venture too close to the gators.


  1. Happy April Fool's to you! Unfortunately this picture would not be out of place where I live, but I have to admit that the largest number of gators I have ever seen sunning in one place is about 3 or 4.

  2. lol I missed it on the day. You are funny.