Saturday, July 2, 2011

Burned Leaves and Cones - Las Conchas Fire

Went out last Wed morning to water the yard and found these larger "ash" leaves and cones in the yard from the Las Conchas Fire. We had seen burnt pine needles and silver dollar sized flakes of burnt bark in the yard. These were new and must have been taken high into the atmosphere by the fire.


  1. It's interesting how one picture can lead your thoughts in many directions. I looked at that picture and the one below and it reminded me of how it was after Mt. St. Helens blew and then it made me think of when I saw footage of a fire in Australia and the koala bear getting water from a firefighter and I wondered what kind of animals you have there that are impacted by this?

  2. Many large and small animals effected. Here's a link to a picture taken by LAFD Police Chief Torpy on one of his rounds.

  3. Some links to wildelife in Los Alamos area: