Sunday, July 3, 2011

Road Block - Las Conchas Fire

Evacuation order ends today at 8:00 AM. All normal routes into Los Alamos are open. This road block, however, stays in place for now.
Road block stopping cars from traveling west on NM 4 towards Bandelier National Monument and the Las Conchas fire. Road blocks have been set up by NM Highway Patrol and the NM National Guard.

The top picture was taken when fire was only 5000 acres. Overnight it grew 10X bigger in one day and is now at 121,000 acres and smoke. The picture below was taken a few days ago. Mean while, the fire is still burning north of here. [Fire Update here]
Suspected cause? A down power line during a strong wind storm suspected. Add to that the extreme drought in NM and the fire danger is high everywhere.

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