Friday, June 10, 2011

Back Yard Vineyard?

Saw this small back yard vineyard. Wondered if they made their own wine. New Mexico does produce very good wines.

Notice the black covering on the ground to thwart weeds and conserve water in our dry climate. Los Alamos gets about 19" of rain (15" in White Rock) average per year. We are way behind this year and for several past years. Very low humididy, lots of sun, and high altitude really dries out the landscape and the people.


  1. In a house I used to live in there were vines growing over the front door, but as it was on a busy road I never trusted them not to be full of pollution!

  2. That's a cool shot. I used to hate wine and now that I've gotten older, I prefer it to most other drinks.

  3. Nice image! Looks promising, and I guess YOU have the right temperature for it.

    Gunn / Norway