Monday, June 27, 2011

New Fire In Jemez in Las Conchas Area

Fire just started up in the afternoon of the the 26th of June in the Las Conchas area.
LANL closed 6/27. Fire is 4500 acres and growing fast. [Reportinng 44,000 acres 6/27] No evacuation order yet for 6,000 residents of White Rock. YET! Los Alamos seems not to in path of fire but smoke cloud could be a big problem. Too many bad memories of 2000 Cerro Grande fire. Live webcam of fire.
[Flames in view. We're packed and ready for evacuation. Many left Sunday. Monday evacutation order for Los Alamos except White Rock]

Las Conchas campground (below) is near area where fire started.


  1. My Mom said she saw on the news there was a big fire there so I came to make sure you were okay. If you have to evacuate, where do you go?

  2. Still awaiting evacuation order. Will either head to South Fork, CO where mu wife's stepdad lives. May go to Santa Fe but have two old
    cats. Would like to evacuate to Sequim.

  3. I just read on MSNBC that there were mandatory evacuations. I hope you and your family are safe Larry! It must be pretty scary to be in the middle of all of that.

  4. This is just heartbreaking. I love that little area. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  5. I too have some pics to share

  6. Just checking in before bed, hope you guys are okay Larry.

  7. Hey Mr. Jeffryes,

    You might not remember me but I definitely remember you! I was probably sitting somewhere toward the back of your science class at the middle school during the mid-80s!

    Anyway, I've been watching the pictures you post and love seeing them. I'm a long way from "home" now but still hold LA near and dear. I can't tell you how many times we sat at that picnic table over the course of my childhood and I've been so sad watching the news on the fire. I wish you well and I'm sending my best karma to The Hill - I hope it helps!

    Take care and good luck,
    Allison McDowell Enstrom
    Seattle, WA