Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Of The Smoke Plumes - Las Conchas Fire

One of the large hot spots in the 60,000-70,000 acre fire. Predictions are that the fire could double or triple in size.  No homes in Los Alamos have burned but about 30 homes burned on first day of fire in Cochiti Mesa on south side of fire. Spot fires on LANL property were quickly put out. See Las Conchas Fire map here.

View of smoke from Pajarito Acres.


  1. I had originally posted a picture of my wife for this date wishing here a Happy Birthday. I set u that page before the Las Conchas fire.

    I decided to take that page down as I thought more people might be finding and viewing this photo blog. Decided she didn't need or want such attention.

    Happy Birthday, Shirley!

  2. We hope you are both safe and out of harms way of the fire. Have been trying to keep up with it on the news but reports are few and far between. Does it look like you will have to evacuate? Stay safe and Happy Birthday to your wife.....

  3. Have you evacuated Larry? Happy Birthday Shirley, not quite the way you imagined spending it I bet!
    If you are still there, is the smoke overwhelming? That picture makes me thankful for fresh air right now. When someone has a fire going in their fireplace and I step outside and smell it, I miss the fresh air. I can't imagine being around something like that fire and the air quality.

  4. We did not have to evacuate. Smoke is a problem but most of the time southerly winds that are pushing the fire north blow the smoke out as well.

    Fire has moved north of Los Alamos into Santa Clara Canyon. None of it good news. Now at 92,000, it's the biggest fire in NM history.